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"Our Perfect Customer"

"My Divine Cabinet Design Story"

Our perfect customer is someone who wants a new kitchen, bath, or any other project that requires cabinetry in their existing home or new home.  Someone who feels hesitant about going to a big cabinet company or a box store because they do not want to be locked into only the products or services that the store provides. Our customer wants a degreed designer with years of experience to listen to them and design around their perhaps unique tastes.  Our customer wants a designer who can help them determine what they really want and need for their own home, let alone help them to establish a budget for their project.  Our customer also would like a personal designer who will look at their existing kitchen or bath project and help them figure out ways of improving their home even if it means removing walls or taking out soffits, etc. Our perfect customer needs a designer who cares for their project and not just in selling products with the highest profit margins, some one who can oversee the entire remodeling of their project from start to finish.

Having worked for various cabinet companies with nice large showrooms often felt limited by the products and services each offered.  For example high-end companies did not offer more budget-oriented cabinets or visa versa.  Also all the companies had installers but they were not re-modelers.  Designers were not encouraged to offer any more help than to recommend a company approved business for appliances, plumbing and electric fixtures, builders or re-modelers.


My thought was to work more independently, not be bond by the product and services of just one company, be able to design whatever the customer wanted, recommend sub contractors known for their good work, and go with customers to appliance stores, lighting galleries, plumbing showrooms, etc. as we work out their designs and budgets. and be able to explain differences between cabinet boxes, door construction, woods, finishes, glazing, counter tops [laminate, solid surface, quartz, granite, stainless, & cement tops], cabinet accessories, fancy hoods,


About 7 years ago received a phone call from a man who owned a company that made doors for multi-million dollar homes through out the United States.  His company would age the brand new doors to make them look like they came from an old castle in Europe.  His customers liked the look so much that they ask him to do their interior doors, moldings, and make cabinets for their new homes that provided the same ‘Old World’ finish on them that he did on their entry doors.  He would send me  around the country to work with his customers on designs for their kitchens, butler pantries, bathrooms, closets, wet bars, home entertainment centers, wine cellars, home offices, laundry rooms and fireplaces.  Now I can say that working in Sarasota Florida I have become a National designers. I feel blessed for having had this opportunity because a majority of the today’s kitchen and bath designers have never even been in a super large multi-million dollar home let alone had an opportunity to design cabinetry for them.  Divine Cabinet Design brings this experience to bear on all of our customers jobs no matter how big or how small.

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